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I’m a poet and playwright,
And often poetry seeps into my plays.

I consider that a good piece of theatre is about being able to write in the space too;
I seek to create work full of vivid imagery.

My texts are very rhythmic; to perform them is akin to following a music score.

I always compose the theme tune of my work,
From which I ask my artistic team to develop the soundscape of a show.


My work is about women’s lives and I am particularly drawn to writing about lost truths.

I like to encourage each actress’ own poetry, when asking them to share stories from their lives.
I love writing for others, but I also write for myself to perform.

BOTTLED UP is my first piece of writing, it is a solo-show about single-use plastics.

THE SEVEN DAUGHTERS is about cycles that reoccur from one generation to the next.

A scream that is not mine / CELINE (working-title) is about the lies we tell ourselves and illusions we fall in love with in abusive relationships.

You can find out more about each piece in the drop down menu in OWN PROJECTS_____________

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