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Edinburgh Fringe 2018; Camden Fringe 2018; Eden Project Arts Festival 2018

Team for National Theatre of Scotland development:
Performed & Written by Colleen Cameron
Director: Sarah Miele
Producer: Colleen Cameron
Sound Design: Calum Paterson
Lighting Design: Kieran Kenning
Design: Colleen Cameron / Jennifer Logan
Media Contact for the Fringe: Catherine Barr


Bottled Up follows a morning in the life of 24 year-old, Jeanie, in her small flat in central London. Jeanie gave birth to the sleeping Sophie three weeks ago, and she appears to be enjoying her new role as mother.

Her flat, however, is a complete mess - used plastic bottles create mounds upon which she sleeps on. The audience are her friends in a world that is solitary, bringing Sophie up alone, having been rejected by her family.

Jeanie’s anxiety grows as the play develops, when her ringing phone acts as a constant reminder of her fears of the world that lie outside her home.


She has become obsessed, in the last nine months, about the pressure that our society is putting on the planet’s resources and how it is altering the ecosystem. After seeing an episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, she decides to hoard her plastic waste.


The play’s end is a tragic reveal as to why Jeanie is so bottled up.

Bottled Up is a solo-show that explores eco-anxiety, our dependency on plastics in day-to-day life and considers the irony of living in a world of plenty, in an intimate piece of storytelling.

Bottled Up was the first play I wrote, produced and performed by myself. I wrote it between November 2017 and January 2018, at the end of which I had a work-in-progress sharing in one of Belgium’s first factories to produce plastic, L’Usine.


The writing process was woven with my research on single-use plastic consumption and production in Europe, and the European Union’s Single-Use Plastic was a focal point of this research. I invited the team who wrote the EU’s Plastic strategy in Brussels to the work-in-progress sharing and their approval cemented my belief that I had managed to create a play that was at once educational and deeply moving on a human level. I was commissioned to write two shorter versions of the play in May 2019 and then again in November 2019 by the European Commission (DG Environment).

A filmed version of the performance is available, please contact me directly if you would like to watch it.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018
TheSpaceUk North Bridge
6th-18th August 2018


"Bottled Up...skillfully structured one-woman play...powerful" 

Sally Stott, The Scotsman * * *

"Bottled Up is a hard-hitting drama...Cameron holds the audience's attention in totality. This is not an in-your-face political show. The focus is the environment, but the narrative is woven cleverly around the travesty that is Jeanie's present."

Udita Banerjee, Fringe Guru * * * *

"...a compelling human story that is instantly engaging and cleverly constructed...a pertinent topic and captivating story." 

Debbie Gilpin, Mind the Blog * * * * *

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