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ADVIENNE is an experience between writing, video stage performance and collective sensory experience.

Visuals, music and concept by Cyril Meroni.

Written and voiced by Colleen Cameron

Have you ever seen a landscape unfold from above a cloud?
Flying over it? Flying through it?
Its tumultuous shades, its layering, its depth
Whole mountains unfold beneath you, whole worlds
Other worlds
Worlds you only feel through music
Worlds you would think only exist in your mind;
Wild worlds.

Il n'y a rien de mieux que le spectacle du Temps.
No, there is nothing to beat the spectacle of Time.

What was ordered will meet with chaos, perpetually.

Et ce qui est chaotique le deviendra encore plus.
Order must and will turn to Chaos.


Où nous allons, no one knows.
Where we’re heading, personne ne le sait.

Artist Residency 3rd - 15th January 2021


An audio-visual show by Cyril Meroni

Written and voiced by Colleen Cameron

CoProduced by Le Hublot, 6MICHexalab, gmem-cncm-marseille, Montevideo, Fondation VasarelySupported by: Adami, CNC-Dicream

Production: Seconde Nature - Zinc


Text is in English and French


More info to follow.


Eternity is a physical state that is supposed to be independent of time and therefore has neither a beginning nor an end. It can be a state of suspension and immobility and, in the acceleration of our current societies, summons both artistic and philosophical musings. We are, however, living in a Climate Crisis on the other side of which lies health crises, rising water levels, air pollution, famine, drought and ultimately economic collapse; an end, therefore.

We are living in a time where we talk and are aware of the possibility of a future without humanity.

Environmental awareness is redefining our position as part of a global and complex interrelated whole.

ADVIENNE deployes an atmosphere of temporal confusion, thus offering a meditation upon which to rethink our relationship to the world and our place in it.

I conducted my research for the writing of this show in French, and returned to Scotland to immerse myself in the landscape of my family and ancestors. This was then combined with Meroni’s interviews with Physicist Alejandro Perez, and his investigation of entropy.


The resulting text is entrenched in a philosophical questioning, that meets how we perceive ourselves in the landscapes in which we evolve, through time, that are continuously edging closer towards chaos.

The text switches from English to French and back again, as my voice, combined with Meroni's visual and audio performance, leads the audience through an immersive landscape.

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